Germany's main railway operator Deutsche Bahn (DB) has begun to eliminate diesel trains, Hightech reports.

Siemens Mobility and Deutsche Bahn announced a joint plan to develop and test the Mireo Plus H train on lithium-ion batteries and hydrogen fuel cells, which will replace the diesel one.

Germany's main railway operator Deutsche Bahn (DB) told about the start of a hydrogen train development. Siemens is the partner in the Mireo Plus H project. Tests of the train are scheduled for 2024 and will take place on the railway section between Tübingen, Horb, and Pforzheim, in the state of Baden-Württemberg.

The Mireo Plus H prototype train will be powered by fuel cells and a lithium-ion battery. It will have two cars, a range of up to 600 km and a top speed of 160 km/h. After completion of one-year tests, the hydrogen composition will replace diesel ones. DB expects thereby to reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere significantly.

"We need to reduce fossil fuel consumption to zero," said DB board member Sabina Jeschke. "Only then DB can become climate neutral by 2050. By that time, we won't have a single diesel train."

In addition to the train itself, DB plans to develop and test infrastructure serving hydrogen rail transport. To do this, the company will place equipment for refueling and repairing a new train in one of the depots. Earlier it was reported that by 2025 the EU would stop importing batteries for electric vehicles.

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